How To Clean A Watch Perfectly

How To Clean A Watch Perfectly

Stainless steel is a common metal in the watchmaking world because it has a refined surface and a rigid exterior. It delivers a very classic silver finish that makes the watch and you look even more stylish.

Stainless steel watch requires special care and maintenance if you want to keep it look modern and shiny. The better the cleaning and maintenance of the Timex, the better the efficiency of the Timex.

When it comes a time on how to clean a watch you should follow the proper method of cleaning so as not to get damaged. Always remember, avoid using any chemical cleaning agents while cleaning your stainless steel watch otherwise it can damage your precious watch.

So, we will discuss how to clean a stainless steel watch to maintain the glamorous shine of the watch and prevent any damage to the bits inside. Our guide will take you through all the things you need to know about how to clean a watch at home.

How often should you clean your watch?

If you are wearing a watch every day then you need to know how to clean a watch in a perfect way so that you can give it a deep cleaning within a month. You must be aware that most watch perfectionists wipe down their timepieces daily.

Just like you wash your face and brush your teeth before going to bed, it is beneficial to clean your watch every day. It will be better if you use a soft microfiber cloth to clean the watch band and backside as well as the front of the case. This will help to remove excess moisture or lotion that has been rubbed on your skin and on a watch throughout the day.

Deep cleaning will be easier if you maintain and clean a watch regularly. If you go out with your watch every day, clean your favorite watch with warm water and soap as soon as you get home. It will be more advisable if you handover your watch for professional service and cleaning. This will helo to remove scratches by polishing your watch.

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Know About How To Clean A Watch Perfectly:

You have to be careful while cleaning your valuable stainless steel watch. It will be great if you clean a watch step by step, first clean durable watch band then watch head so that it will become easier for you.

Learn How To Clean Stainless Steel Watch:

You need to be careful when cleaning your precious stainless steel watch. It will be better if you clean the watch step by step, first clean the watch band then watch head so that it will be easy for you.

1. Best Way To Clean A Watch Bracelet:

how to clean stainless steel watch straps

Remove the watch from the bracelet- There will be different bracelet detachment methods for different stainless steel watches. Some can detach their bracelets from a watch head with just the simple touch of a button. While others will require a specialized screwdriver to release the bracelet from the watch head. You can also consider manufacturer procedures to know about how to remove the watch from the bracelet.

Immerse your watch bracelet- To clean the stainless steel watch bracelet, prepare a soapy water solution and pour it into a small bowl. Now submerge a bracelet in a bowl by rubbing some alcohol on it (rubbing alcohol is optional). Soaking a bracelet like this will remove any grime or dust that is collected on a bracelet. The duration of soaking your bracelet will depend on the amount of grime accumulated on a watch

  • Keep your watch submerged for few hours if a lot of grime is collected.
  • Leave it for up to 30 minutes if there is less amount of dirt collected on a watch.
  • If the watch head cannot detach from the bracelet, encase it into a plastic wrap and a paper towel around it. Now secure a bracelet by binding it with a string or a rubber band.
  • On other hand, take your watch for cleaning to a jeweler for professional watch cleaning.

Clean in-between the links of the bracelet- Dip a soft-bristled toothbrush in rubbing alcohol or soapy water solution. Now, take out a bracelet from the solution and use a toothbrush to slowly rub off discoloration or dirt that has collected within the gaps of the watchband.

2. Best Way To Clean The Watch Head:

how to clean a watch head

Clean a watch head- Carefully and gently clean a watch head with a wet cloth to remove sticky or yucky spots. Now, slowly clean both the front and back of the watch head. Make sure that the watch is encased in a cover. This cover helps to restrict dust or rust from affecting a watch body.

Do not immerse your watch head- Do not immerse your watch head directly in soap or other cleaning agents unless you are sure it is appropriate to do so for your watch. This is because waterproof watches also need to be tested or their seals need to be replaced after coming in contact with water.

You will need to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to know about how to clean watch and to ensure the watch’s water-resistant property.

Rub off the watch head- Is a watch is still unclean after being wiped down? Let’s give a deep cleaning to a watch with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Now immerse a soft-bristled toothbrush into a soapy water solution. Now clean the watch face with bristles of the toothbrush and proceed a brush in a gentle or circular motion across the face of the watch. Perform this process on the backside of the watch.

Be careful when handling decorative watches- You need to be more careful with decorative watches. If there are any marks or crystals on a watch, clean the watch face with a cotton swab. Now, dip the cotton swab in alcohol or soapy water and make gentle circular movements across the clock face.

Gently clean the watch with a soft cloth- Cleaning a watch with a lint-free cloth can prevent liquid from entering into the watchband. This can prevent rust or rust from affecting the watch. Take a soft lint-free cloth again to clean the watch head.

Don’t forget to clean your watch regularly, especially when you’re coming home from work or suddenly get stuck in the rain.

Gently give air-dry to watch- Even after patting your watch band down with a dry cloth, there may be a chance that some amount of liquid will remain in the watch links and gaps at times. To make sure a watch is completely dry, air-dry your watch by placing it on a soft lint-free towel for an hour.

Take the watch to the jeweler- If you are cleaning your precious watch, you need to send it to the jeweler. This is necessary because jewelers keep the necessary tools and experts to clean your stainless steel watch. It may be a little more expensive but it can save you precious time and prevent accidental damage to your stainless steel watch.

You can use the services of jewelers when you want to clean your stainless steel antique watch.

Final Verdict:

The more carefully you buy a watch, the more important it is to clean a watch carefully. Follow our simple instructions on how to clean a watch so you can maintain its polishing shine and originality. You can also protect your precious stainless steel watch by placing it in a High-Quality Watch Storage Box to protect it from dust or grime.


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